Thursday, August 26, 2010

Increase Web Traffic With Great Content

If you want to be the owner of a successful website, you probably already know the importance of content. If you don’t, you need to learn very quickly. Content will bring visitors and keep them coming back for more, it’s also what search engines love. Regardless of whether your website is all about how to decorate cake, or investment tips, you’ll need a few pointers that will help you create powerful content.
Whenever writing content for your site, make sure its easy to read and interesting. No one really likes to read dry facts on any topic, including cake decorating tips. Your content has to be a reflection of you, your product or service. You want people to like you so they’ll be more interested in your service or product. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Is the information on your site informative and easy to read?
Write about the topics you know best. Writing about what you know will make the whole process easier on you, and this ease will translate in the flow of your content. Give really useful information in easy steps (people love quick tips), and they are more likely to bookmark your site and come back for future visits.
Don’t save the best for last. This is especially true with content writing. If you’re trying to reel in someone to read more of your article, you want to create a fantastically interesting first sentence and paragraph. Please avoid dull and boring because your visitor is more likely to hit the escape key than they will be to keep on reading.
Make sure your page loads quickly. Well, you can control the internet speed your visitor has, but there are several others things that you can control that will impact the speed at which your page loads. Avoid placing sounds and blinking images, this will slow down loading.
If you want to use visuals to prove a point, such as how to properly use a roasting pan, use a small picture. Give your visitor the option of enlarging the picture if needed. Large images only slow down loading, just as pop-up windows do as well. When your page is slow to load, there is more of a chance that your visitor will leave even before they are exposed to your website.
Don’t go on and on in long paragraphs. Prove your points in short chunks of information. People are more likely to remember what you have to say when its in small portions. This is why tips are so popular, they’re short, simple and easy to remember